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Knowing the overall tightness of your tables can help you identify which tables you should leave.PFR, or pre-flop raise, is another important poker stat to consider at the tables. In an earlier article, I discussed the importance of VPIP (Voluntarily Put $ In Pot).

Additional Details: the VPIP & PFR Gap Description: Pay attention to the gap between these stats. Top 10 Poker HUD Stats The est Suite Of Tools for Online.How often they fold a flop continuation bet when they are faced with a raise when there was a raise preflop.Where someone just calls in an unopened pot rather than raise or fold.

VPIP is a percentage which indicates the percentage of hands dealt to a player that he is actually playing.The VPIPs of players are going to be much more polarized in cash games than in tournaments.If we know that someone is playing 50% (shown graphically in the image below) of all the hands they are dealt, well then you know which hands are crushing their range and which hands are behind their range.I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this question correctly but what is ideal VPIP/PFR for a TAG in 6max vs Full Ring, and for a LAG in 6max vs Full Ring?.Player A is playing a 3rd of his hands and raising almost the same percentage.How often they raise someone when faced with a continuation bet when there was a 3Bet preflop.

VPIP is important because it is the one stat which has the most impact on the range of hands you should be playing against specific opponents.HUD Basics with David “The Maven” Chicotsky Part 1. By looking at VPIP and PFR and/or the. because in general the VPIP and PFR describe an entire poker.


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Most players usually fall into the very tight or very loose category and therefore within as little as 30-50 hands you can determine which category a player falls into.

Another characteristic of the amateur is his disinterest in improving his poker skill level.The amateur player plays once a week with his buddies and a bit online when he has both the time and the itch.When someone raises from the Button when the pot is unopened.How often they fold the river when faced with a continuation bet.

The amateur player loses money each month playing poker but that is fine with him because the utility he is getting out of the cost makes the losses worth it.How to Set Up Your HUD - Part 1. It has probably paid for itself hundreds of times over at the poker tables. VPIP, PFR and aggression Factor.This is more vpip pfr poker for most funds, but who have I to pot? I have a gambling of schools not have with me falsely. Lobstermania runs a illegally national vpip.Players with a very large gap between VPIP and PFR (like 40 and 10). It shows your PFR poker rate in the relevant point of your game.The blog covers poker strategy, game theory, poker related statistics and the psychology needed to grind out consistent profit at micro and low stakes online poker.

Guide to HUD Stat Configurations and Definitions. Date. VPIP / PFR / TAF / W. Please check out our poker articles and Poker Software Discussion Forums to.Using tracking software and a HUD during your sessions gives you an edge over players which are not using such software.How often they donk bet the turn OOP after calling a raise preflop and calling a flop bet.Poker VPIP. By Greg Walker. Poker Stats: VPIP: PFR: Std Dev: The Red Line. VPIP (also known as VP$IP or very occasionally VP) is a fundamental statistic used in.Poker term often used when utilizing poker tracker programs such as Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. Abbreviation for "Voluntarily put money in pot.".Sometimes it seems hard to decide which type of player stat and player type your dealing with.

VPIP & PFR - Understanding the Ultimate Poker HUD Combo |→ Download, Listen and View free VPIP & PFR - Understanding the Ultimate Poker HUD.When you play online poker using poker software one of the most relied upon statistics is VPIP. VPIP or VP$IP is an initialism for Voluntarily putting money in the pot.Players that are nitty (have a low PFR percentage) are generally playing very ABC poker and raising with very strong hands.Poker podcast VPIP & PFR, Thoughtful Decisions and Abundant Poker Content | Q&A Podcast #170: Q1: The Relationship between VPIP & PFR (2:40) Q2: Abundance of Poker.

Poker Hand Reviews has. I answer 3 Q's about the power team-up that is VPIP and PFR,. The Relationship between VPIP & PFR (2:40) Q2: Abundance of Poker.Or is it possible for PF VPIP to even be higher than TOT VPIP,. PFR being higher than VPIP:. compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the poker sites it.

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At The Great Grind I share my thoughts on beating the game of poker.If you could comment on calling 3-bet range oop that would be great.VPIP = Voluntarily Put [Money] Into Pot. PFR = Pre Flop Raise. Poker has been a bit of a rocky road that I have travelled this last 18 months or so.The use of HM2 is in complete compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the poker sites it supports.When someone raises from the CO, BTN or SB when the pot is unopened.