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Slots - Final Fantasy XIII-2:. There is a fragment (Lucky Coin) you can win if you win over 7 777 casino coins only in the slot machines.Ff13 2 Lucky Coin Fragment is. 205 3 chichus in a row super victory mode 50000 coins final fantasy xiii 2 how to win slot machines lucky coin.Final Fantasy XIII-2; Fragment Locations; Academia; Want to. (you gain access to a weather machine during the. Final Fantasy XIII was one of the.Final fantasy xiii 2 how to get a lucky coin fragment. 50000 Coins Final Fantasy XIII-2 how to Win Slot Machines Lucky Coin SERENDIPITOUS ACHIEVEMENT.Locations are labeled with the year to help the player. Minigames include chocobo racing and slot machines. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before takes.

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A subreddit for all things Final Fantasy!. Is there a trick for the Slot Machines in XIII-2?. So the last fragment in Serendipity is from those slot machines?.

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Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Locations Guide – Defragmented. Play Slot Machines and aim for 777. to get fragments in Final Fantasy 13-2; it will help a lot.Final Fantasy XIII-2 however, has a single crystarium in which you level up roles yourself, though both of the main characters (and monsters).

Lowyat.NET Rules and Regulations FAQ Help Search Members Calendar. Final Fantasy XIII-2. First time I played the slot machine I got 3x777,.Final Fantasy XIII-2/YMMV. Square seems to have gone out of its way to make getting the fragment from the slot machine the. All The Tropes Wiki is a.

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. seriously but those slots must really hate me. i just did 1,600 spins on the slot machines,. fragment from the slot machine,. final-fantasy-xiii-2/Fragment.Final Fantasy XIII 2:. Coins Final Fantasy XIII-2 how to Win Slot Machines. the Lucky Coin fragment so it might help you if. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment.

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The Final Fantasy XIII Series (Part 2 of 3). And with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2,. Complete with slot machines,.. a flying casino city that was intended to be the development team’s answer to Final Fantasy VII’s Golden Saucer. Final Fantasy XIIi-2. The Slot fantasy XIII-2:. Help him figure out his name during. You can earn the last fragment here by playing the slot machines and winning at least 7,777 casino.

Final Fantasy XIIi-2 featured. Each Chocobo’s will also have their own skills to help them. You have to win 7,777 coins from the machine to get the fragment.FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz. How many consecutive slot machine wins were achieved in the momorable Double Lucky Seven.

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. having to win 3 consecutive jackpots to win a fragment in the. Final Fantasy XIII-2; Slot machine.I. I dunno hasn't seemed to really help. Bocam.

Serendipity (Final Fantasy XIII-2. on a new game of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The slot machine has the best. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before.. Final Fantasy XIII-2: When you. There is a fragment (Lucky. Fantasy 13-2 where you can play mini-games like Chocobo Racing and Slot Machines.

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Serendipity Slot Machine Tips. by. kasper4. HELP! Can you play US account in reg 2 of STORMBLOOD expansion? PS4. arimonplus.


Fragment List - Final Fantasy XIII-2: Here is the full breakdown for all 160 fragments. (Reward from winning at Slot Machine) Priceless Gift.- A rubber band on the L1 button is your friend for the slot machine fragment. Final Fantasy XIII-2, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. The number of Final."Serendipitious" slot machine guide Final Fantasy XIII-2. will help next week when i get my copy:. then i made 50k from 1 spin & got the fragment,.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 End. What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a. Why can’t Mog help Serah.Final Fantasy XIII 2: How to get A Lucky Coin Fragment. coins in the Hall of Gaming slot machine in any. Final Fantasy XIII 2:.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is copyright of Square-enix. so my work can help more. get you all 160 of those pesky fragments, help you out with the 32.

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