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At first it was only a rumor at the poker. Feature Articles > The Absolute Poker Scandal. The Absolute Poker. from adanthar and Nat Arem.Unless I am playing a big buyin tourney or have made it to the very late stages of a smaller buyin tourney, I play two tables at once.Serge Ravitch is a highly respected member of the online poker community who played a key role in uncovering the AbsolutePoker and UltimateBet cheating scandals.Also, I am only going to consider raising when there are no limpers or raisers in already.The theory is this: You have a standard raise (alla theory 1) but the standard varries by position.My computer is the sickest out of all that you can find on 2p2 anyway.

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Presented by Mooresville Area Cyclists, Inc. This is a past event. If you wish to see the details for this event click, "Continue" below. If you are looking for a...In some bigger buyin tourneys, the ability to properly randomize raises might be useful, but in most cases it is more trouble than it is worth.Westend Sledders Poker Run. When: February 25, 2017, 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM Where: Norwood Colorado P.O. box 406, 530 County Rd 44 ZN Norwood, CO 81423.With so many variables at play I think having a standard preflop raise is too rigid, however not a horrid play and fits the styles of some players I know very well.

Such as when I have 77-TT a hand which I would not mind playing an all in against the range of hands a short stack my be playing for his final chips.An online poker directory and guide of poker rooms and internet poker strategy. Poker sites are ranked according to popularity.

Poker Beats, Brags, and Variance. Adanthar requested someone make a cliffsnotes thread to condense the already massive thread,. LOC NESS AVE (Real Money) Seat.I like Theory 2 in theory, but I use Theory 1 in practice for several reasons: 1.

I guess I just change up my play a little if I feel I can gain a small edge or force a player into making a bad decsion by changing the size of my raise.

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You are putting more money into the pot when you have greater (positional and information) advantage.If I remember correctly, Ciaffone advocates having a smaller standard raise in first position than on the button (say 3BB vice 5BB).

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My guess is that playing one table at a time at a much slower rate (hands per hour) would be the right environment for randomizing since players would have more time to think about what you were doing (and would be better than the average online player, presumably).

Background Iorveth's quest starts from the two scientists you've met in Flotsam. This time around, they're handling a special job in Loc Muinne.A potential disadvantage is that, since you are artificially limiting your action, you may be playing sub-optimally.

The advantages and disadvantages I have listed are just off the top of my head, and I hope will start the ball rolling on some discussion.

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Regarding randomizing the raise amount some reasons I do this are: Who is in the pot already, how loose are they and how large of a raise are they going to call or do I want them to call.

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However, since cash game play and tournament play are very similar in the early stages, it bears mentioning just on that ground.But I would like to think if I spent enough time on a message board regarding poker, posted 7000 posts, and read numerous others that I would have a solid grasp of some poker concepts to be at least break even or a winning player.

General Poker Discussion. adanthar newbie Reged: 04/02/04 Posts: 27. Loc: San Francisco Re: NL Pre Flop Raising Theories.This is because LAGs will be raising often and need to cut down the cost of resteals vs. the benefit of blindstealing.

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No-limit poker (NL) involves the most strategy of all the betting structures. It is also a very fun game, although it is very intense. In each hand you could.Every raising hand has a distribution of how much you should raise with it.